Misery Bay Region SCCA
Cornerstone Bar & Grill
April 5, 2018

Members in attendance: Sam Mehler, Andrew Ferrara, Ron Madurski, Bill Stewart, Lance Dunn, Dave Michalak, Terry Witherow, Rich Hall, Matt Curry, Henry Young, Logan Flaherty, Dave Hammer, Brian Gibbs, Aaron DeWalt, Thomas Johnson and Joel Donaldson.
RE Sam Mehler called the meeting to order at 7:13. Logan moved and Andrew seconded that the March minutes be approved with minor changes. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer: Dave Hammer reported our balance is $8388.39 and passed out copies of the financial report.

Solo: Andrew F. reported he has preliminary dates for events but still hashing it out. We are looking at having 8 events this year. Because of the track and other regions schedules we may consider running a couple of events on Saturday. Logan mentioned that our later start time may be a good fit for Saturday events.

Tech: Sam reported nothing new. URL will be renewed before the 23rd expiration date.

Rally: Covered Bridge Rally tentative date is Nov. 4th.

Membership: Current membership count is at 85 with 6 overdue with 8 more due in April.

Pit Signal: Bill reported it will be out April 6th.

Trophy: No report. Need a Trophy Chair.

Old Business: Andrew reported measurement wheel has been purchased. He also reminded everyone that we need to clean out the trailer and get a cone count. Henry invited anyone interested in helping him to let him know.
Joel to check on banner to hang out for the car show before monthly meeting.
Sam asked if everyone had time to think about what we should offer as incentives for newcomers and recommended we keep cost per event the same. The group had a long discussion on best way to promote membership. It was decided that we would spend $100 in $10 offers to first time participants that they could use for their next event. Andrew motioned to approve it with Bill seconding. Vote was unanimous in favor.
New Business: Logan and Andrew have reviewed and updated the supplements. A few of the changes were: classing updated to include new Spec solo coupe, reduced Chiefs/Chairs only need 3 – Technical Inspection, Classing and Registration. Dave H. recommended we have a copy put in the trailer.
They also are reviewing the Bylaws and will update as needed. They will need to be sent out for membership vote.
Logan reminded us that we still need all chairs filled.
Our website usage was questioned by Logan. Group discussed and decided that there is a lot of info on there that no one uses. Matt offered to have a friend update the site to a more user-friendly version. He also recommended we set-up a calendar to post schedules for what is going on and what needs done by when.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59

Joel Donaldson

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