Misery Bay Region SCCA
Cornerstone Bar & Grill
February 1, 2018

Members in attendance: Sam Mehler, Andrew Ferrara, KV, Ron Madurski, Bill Stewart, Lance Dunn, Dave Michalak, Terry Witherow, Rich Hall, Tony Gentile, Matt Curry, Henry Young, Logan Flaherty, Dave Hammer, Brian Gibbs and Joel Donaldson.
RE Sam Mehler called the meeting to order at 7:12. Bill moved and Tony seconded that the January minutes be approved with minor changes. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer: Dave Hammer reported our balance is $8403.23 and passed out copies of the financial report.

Solo: Andrew F. reported he has preliminary dates for events but still hashing it out. We are looking at having 8 events this year. Because of the track and other regions schedules we may consider running a couple of events on Saturday. Logan mentioned that our later start time may be a good fit for Saturday events.
Tech: Sam reported nothing new. Dave H. brought up that there is no meeting schedule listed on the website.

Rally: Bill handed out flyers for the Winter Rally Feb. 25th. He also noted that the Finger Lakes region won Rally Region of the year. He also verified that there is no weekend membership fee for a Road Rally.
He also mentioned that our cost for the SCCA Weekend Memberships is $10 each.

Membership: Current membership count is at 88 with 3 overdue. While at the National Convention he heard they would be working on getting a “Membership in a box” out to the regions to support getting new members. This package would have forms and materials to help sign up new members. SCCA has a big push on Regional Membership and Development. Membership has been increasing 2% per year.

Pit Signal: Bill reported he is working on it.

Trophy: No chair selected yet. Sam asked the group if we should consider not handing out trophies at each event. Joel thought it was a good thing because it is good for new members to strive for. Logan mentioned we used to give out Misery Bay Bucks. K.V. says she still get people using them. Sam also remembers members turn in trophies back in. Logan recommended handing out a very small sticker/plaque that could be stuck on the year end plaque or even vinyl stickers for windows. Group decided to take time to think about it and discuss at the next meeting.

Old Business: Dave H. asked if we could throw away the worn-out bag for the EZ Up. Group agreed.
New Business: Joel reminded everyone to solicit any possible sponsors for the year. K.V. reported that the tax return has been filed. Joel mentioned we need to put together a small group to plan May-Sept parking lot show.
Bill reported the following news from the National Convention:
• Topeka has issued more details on what they want from the Charter. We will need to update ours.
• They also want minutes filed with them.
• IRS confirmation is also requested. Cert of non-profit or not for profit. There are 115 regions and a couple get audited each year.
• By-laws have to be on file and approved by Topeka. Bill and Logan reminded everyone that ours need to be reviewed and updated.
• SCCA’s Investment account improved by $650K due to rise in stock market.
• Membership is at 45000 with a median age is 48 yrs old. 13000 new members median age 35 yrs old. 15000 weekend memberships.
• Tire Rack Street Survival held 41 SCCA schools.
• Track Night in America had 119 events with 7500 entries.
• The national road rally was held in Alaska with 50 entries.
• Newest competition to Track Night is Grid Life.
• Visited the insurance and risk management meeting. We are covered for our meetings. Solo has the most claims but are smaller than road racing.
• Motorsportsreg is expanding – hiring – offering more options. We need to put out events on calendar way before the event. They are also working on new form building program.
• 60% of entries at Track Night in America were non-members and only 10% joined SCCA.
• Finger Lakes region had 9 events with 181 cars. They are Rally Region of the year.
• Most interesting seminar was on Track Management. Big take away was there are 3 things that make a track work. Accommodating, Approachable and Flexible.
• 480 attendees. Great event.
Henry asked if we wanted to clean out the trailer again before the season begins. Andrew also asked if we wanted to get more green cones this year. Logan questioned how we could get more visibility to our group and events. We need more social presents – more than a just a Facebook Group – need a Facebook page. Sam reminded everyone that we can buy ads for events. Matt volunteered to set-up and run an Instagram Account. Logan offered to set-up and run a Youtube account. He recommended offering up Go Pros to people for their runs.

Logan reminded us that it is an even year and we need a small committee to review and update our By-Laws. Looking for 3 volunteers.

Andy question Logan on how many people qualified for year end points. 22 people had the 5 events.

Andrew asked the group if any one rejected the idea of Saturday events. No one did. He also asked about later starts – no one rejected. The thinking is that more people will be there to set-up (more efficient/ quicker) and early in the year it will give time for the temperature to warm-up.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41

Joel Donaldson

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