Misery Bay Region SCCA
Cornerstone Bar & Grill
January 4, 2018

Members in attendance: Sam Mehler, Rich Hall, Andrew Ferrara, KV, Ron Madurski, Bill Stewart, Lance Dunn, Andrew Donaldson and Joel Donaldson.
RE Sam Mehler called the meeting to order at 7:18. Andrew F. moved and Dave seconded that the November minutes be approved. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer: K.V. reported our balance is $8268.23 and passed copies of the year-end financial report along with a break down report.

Solo: Andrew F. reported he will be in contact with the speedway for available dates. Looks like dates will be limited with all the events they have planned. He will also talk with other regions for their schedules. Bill questioned if we could run at Votech the end of April. K.V. questioned if we have too many events which affects our budget due to cost of track and trophies. Andrew F. questioned if we should be giving out trophies or not due to cost concerns. Everyone agreed attendance due to weather issues was the reason for loss of revenue. Bill questioned how many people actually qualified with 5 events for the year. Sam mentioned that Topeka has a $50K grant for regions to upgrade equipment. He will check and see if we could get any money for the timing system we just bought.
Tech: Sam has updated the website with the list of new officials.

Rally: Bill mentioned he is looking for a date that will work for us. Feb. 18th of 25th look promising. He will apply for sanctioning soon.

Membership: Current membership count is at 87 with 1 overdue. He recommended that members add Spouses.

Pit Signal: Bill reported he is working on it.

Trophy: No update.

Old Business: K.V. has tried to do tax return but IRS website is being updated.

New Business: Joel reported he has talked with and got ok from Cornerstone about having a Sports Car show in the parking lot the 1st Thursday of each month this summer before our monthly meeting. Group will have to work out the details. We can list the show in the newspaper showcase and tie it in with autocross dates. He also questioned getting more sponsors on board and trying to put together a regional championship. He will contact Greg Vincent (SCCA Northeast Solo Promoter) about getting it going. Bill attended NEO meeting Tuesday and they are also working on their schedule. They will still have their events at Captains parking lot again this year. They are working on getting the Blossom Music Hall parking lot. He also mentioned Mahoning valley will be having another Street Survival event on the 11th of April in Boardman Ohio. He also reported that NEO is working with Nelson Ledges on an event the 9th and 10th of June. Mahoning Valley is also having a race there the 28th and 29th of September. He reminded everyone that the Detroit Auto show is the 20-28th of January and Erie’s is February 2-5th. He will also be attending the Nation Convention this month.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08

Joel Donaldson

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