Misery Bay Region SCCA
Cornerstone Bar & Grill
March 1, 2018

Members in attendance: Sam Mehler, Andrew Ferrara, Ron Madurski, Rich Hall, Tony Gentile, Matt Curry, Logan Flaherty, Dave Hammer, Brian Gibbs, Sam Kritikos, Andrew Donaldson, Aaron DeWalt, Thomas Johnson, Dr. D.J. Galiffe and Joel Donaldson.
ARE Andrew Ferrara called the meeting to order at 7:05. Logan moved and Tony seconded that the February minutes be approved. Motion carried.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer: Dave Hammer reported our balance is $8388.39.

Solo: Andrew F. reported he is still working to finalize dates for our events. We are looking at having 8 events this year 2 of which are on a Saturday. He passed around a calendar for everyone to review and comment on. No one had any issues with the dates.

Tech: No Report

Rally: No Report

Membership: No Report

Pit Signal: No Report

Trophy: Still in need of a chair person. Dave H. reported on stock of remaining Trophies. (3) FTD Flag Mugs, (1) 1st place Trophy, (2) 1st place Tumblers, (1) 2nd place Trophy and (3) 3rd place Trophies. He also noted that we still had a bunch of unclaimed plaques. Group decided to re-use them if possible.
Old Business: Dave H. reported that the EZ-up bag has been thrown out. Joel mentioned and group discussed the monthly car show before each monthly meeting. Joel opened up a discussion on our monthly car show plans. Logan suggested we move the start of our monthly meeting to 8 PM to allow more time for the show. Show will be 5 to 8. We will need to find our old banner or look at getting new one. He also recommended that we set up a card table with Fliers and Pit Signals on it. Andrew F. suggested we hand out business cards with our schedule on the back. Tony offered to hand out fliers at parts stores. Logan questioned if we should have a flier for the season or one for each event. Joel reported that actions are in place to create an Interregional championship with Central Pa. and Steel City. Logan and Andrew have reviewed and updated the Bylaws. Nothing major changed and will be sending them to Topeka. Charter also needs reviewed and updated.
New Business: Brian asked group how or what incentive we could offer to get more cars at our events. Logan suggested a reduced rate for 1st time. Dave H. recommended bringing back the Misery Bay Bucks to be used at their next event. Logan asked if we want to bring them in or get them to come back with an incentive. The group discussed what our fee should be for this year. Current rate for member is $35/event. Non-member is $50. Andrew reminded us that we under paid last year. ($5). Logan mentioned we need 35 cars at regular rate to break event. Sam recommended we talk more to new people at each event and offer something up to come to the next event. Logan mentioned we have a large number of people come to our events that are not members. He recommends working on them to become members. Sam suggested we get a membership chair to really promote membership. Dave H. reminded everyone that a membership ship is not only for autocross – it also gets you in to other SCCA events and you can get up close to racers and cars for free if you work an event. Dr. Galiffe suggested we get something in the Showcase to advertise our events and we should offer a few extra runs at the start of an event to get novices used to it. Aaron recommended we remind anyone thinking of doing it that you can run any car they have. Logan stressed that we need to get out and about more at all car shows. He also asked everyone to think about it from now until the next meeting, so we can decide on a path forward. Andrew requested to buy a measuring wheel, Logan motioned to get one with Ron seconding. Motion passed. Andrew provided and update on our Social presents. Matt has created an Instagram page, Logan is working on a You tube page and he is creating a Facebook page. Logan offered his idea for phase 1 of the you tube page. Start out with putting a Go Pro on everyone’s car and tell them the runs will be posted. This should promote linking and spreading content. Aaron offered to contact a friend of his to do a promotional video. Andrew solicited any volunteers for chairs. Everyone should consider it. He also suggested we review our merchandise and consider new offerings.

Regional Executive
– Sam Mehler

Assistant Regional Executive
– Andrew Ferrara

– Joel Donaldson

– David Hammer

Board of Directors
– Ron Madurski

– Bill Stewart

– Kathy Vanderwende

Dave Hammer will meet with Sam Mehler at a local PNC branch to remove KV as a signer and add Dave Hammer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23
Joel Donaldson, Secretary

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