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Discounts & Savings

SCCA Membership is your ticket to thousands of dollars in potential discounts from a variety of retailers. Save money on Automotive products, Consumer Products/Gifts, Food, Personal Services, Publications and Travel. Click here for a sample of some of the participating retailers.

Subscription to the national magazine Sports Car

SportsCar is the official publication of the Sports Car Club of America. This national monthly news magazine brings you timely event coverage, informative features, entry forms and all official SCCA communiqués.

Monthly issue of our award-winning newsletter, PitSignal

Created, written, and published by our very own, Bill Stewart, and straight to your door.


All SCCA members are protected with the best event-related insurance program in motorsports at no additional cost. Properly registered SCCA members who are accidentally injured while participating at SCCA events are covered for up to $1 million in medical expenses. SCCA members, in certain circumstances, are also provided with limited third-party liability insurance coverage at most events.

Experts & Information

The most valuable perk to SCCA membership is that the club is filled with passionate members eager to share their expertise and experience to help you, teach you and point you where you want to go in motorsports.

Eligible for championship series points and year-end awards in our Solo program

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