Here is your chance to represent MBR at the SCCA Challenge hosted by our friends in the Akron Sports Car Club! If you’ve never been to an ASCC event, you won’t believe the number and variety of cars there! And the Autox surface is huge!

Test and tune:


A little information:

  • Five regions compete for best combined times of their top drivers for cash prize
  • You don’t have to be an SCCA or ASCC member to compete
  • If you’re not an SCCA member, you can opt for a specific region or be randomly added to help fill a smaller region (Be sure to pick MBR!)
  • Based on top 10 drivers on pax for each region, these 10 times are combined for overall total. Lowest total wins.
  • Flat price for everyone $40
  • Food vendors are available Saturday & Sunday only.


  • You are more than welcome to camp overnight at the track. There is NO electricity, running water, only port-a-pots for bathrooms
  • If you are staying at one of the local hotels, you can leave your car and trailer on site.
  • Make sure you have everything locked up and secured.
  • They Jeffrey Road gate will remain UNLOCKED. It will be closed just not locked.
  • Motorhome and anyone camping, please see the posted maps for the correct area to setup in.

For more information, please contact ASCC or see their Facebook here. See you there!

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